Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Woes of Shaker Identification

Today I'm going to deal with shaker identification issues. Some times you will find it is very easy to identify shakers and bar ware because the pieces have makers marks. Some show up in catalogs or ads. Then some you just have no idea at all. The two shakers, pictured on the right, are great examples of identification woes.

Although they look almost identical they are not. The shaker with white print is a little taller and the bottom is thicker. It is a slightly different body shape. The shaker on the right with red print is probably made by Hazel Atlas. It is identical to known Hazel Atlas shakers. This means that these shakers came from different molds. Hazel also did a lot of printing on glass. Which is identical on both shakers other than color. So what does that mean. I personally believe that who ever made the white printed shaker had Hazel print it for them. Who "they" are is still unknown. I found the shaker on the right in an identification book for depression glass and the author says it was made by West Virginia Specialty Glass. He got his info from a glass collector but, I do not believe that is correct. West Virginia Specialty Glass made very ornate and unusual glass ware such as the Ladies Leg shaker and Dumbbell shakers. When I bought the red one, the dealer said it was made by the Derby Shelton Silver Co. There is a patent mark in the top for them. The problem is there is no record of a Derby Shelton Silver Co. Also the patent was granted to R. R. Luben.

So as you can see from just these two shakers identification is a sketchy business at best.
So to help fill in space now here are couple of recipes from these shakers..,
1/2 Cognac
2 Drops Angostura
1/2 French Vermouth
2 Dashes Sugar Syrup
1/3 Apple Jack
1/3 Italian Vermouth
1/3 Dubonnet
2 Dashes Orange
Well I hope you have enjoyed this slight trip into the head aches of collecting. Now I think I'm going to go make myself a Saratoga.

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There was a Derby Silver Company.