Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sobieski - Expensive VS. Just Good

As they ask in one of their press releases, "What is the difference between a $30 bottle of Premium vodka & a $15 bottle of Good vodka? $15.00". This is were Sobieski comes into the picture. This is a premium rye based vodka that is made with all the same techniques of the expensive premium vodkas. (Except maybe it not filtered through Diamonds...LOL) It also has a very clean and refreshing taste like the expensive premium vodkas.

It is probably unknown to most, vodkas were originally, all rye or grain based. Sobieski is made from Golden Dankowski Rye and naturally filtered water from Polish aquifers thousands of feet deep. It is distilled continuously until it reaches exceptional purity & quality.
The elegant bottle is also simple, which helps keep there cost down. Sobieski is the leading premium vodka in Poland and I give it a "Two Thumbs Up" and suggest you try a bottle as soon as you can.

For more interesting facts about Sobieski and vodka you can also visit their website

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