Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tales of the Cocktail & the Vintage Bar Ware Collectors Symposium

As many people know or may just be finding out the 7th Annual Tales of the Cocktail will be held in New Orleans from July 8th thru the 12th. I am honored to again be a part of this event. I will be on the panel of the Vintage Bar Ware Collectors Symposium. Hosting this event will be Stephen Visakay, author of Vintage Bar Ware, and along with Mark Bigler of, we are going to talk about cocktail shakers, bar ware and of coarse cocktails. There will also be some some the top collectors from around the world. I am trying to take this event to new levels this year so I'm asking for your help. I am taking a pole on the top 10 collectible cocktail shakers. The ones below may not THE top 10 but it will give you a good start. If this all works out these shakers will be at our event. Yes, live and in person. To see, touch & hold (Maybe). The owners will be there to talk to about them also. So let the voting begin. Just leave a comment with your list...Thanks!

Above left is the Famous Manhattan set designed by Norman Bel Geddes and produced by Revere Copper & Brass Co. 1936.

Above on the right is the Golf Bag shaker from Derby Silver Plate Co. a division of International Silver. It was produced from 1925 to 1930.

Everyone should know this well dressed little fellow. The Penguin shaker by Napier from the 1930's.

On the right...Do you think it's time for a cocktail? Well I do if your shaking with the Maxwell Phillips Hourglass shaker made in the 1930's.

On the left is one of my favorite shakers. It is the Bubble set made by the Faber Co. in the 1930's unique & deco all in one.

On the right are the Zeppelins that are probably modeled after the Graf zeppelin. Made in the 1930's in Germany.

On the left is the Master In-Color shaker from England. Its Bakelite body makes it unique with silver trim and a rotating recipe top. It was made in the 1930s.

On the right is the wonderful "Shake a Leg" shaker made by West Virgina Specialty Glass Co. in 1937.

On the left is the 1938 Sheridan Empire Shaker made by the Revere copper & Brass Co. It is the pinnacle of art deco.

And last but not least is the beautiful Wallace Brothers silver plated rooster from 1928.

Well what is a Cocktail anyway?

I hope to get a lot of responses so I know who to bring to this party. That being Tales of the Cocktail.

See Ya there...

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